Blood under bridge for Dorrigo CTC


DORRIGO resident Kay Watson described the recent history of the town's Community Technology Centre (CTC) as 'blood under the bridge', while NSW CTC project manager Kerry Fraser said the passion shown by community members for their CTC was 'special'.

Monday night's public meeting to move the mired organisation forward was attended by 16 people and many frustations that have been simmering received an airing.

The major issues were a perceived lack of proper accountability, confusion about membership and the irritation of local IT businesses who saw themselves in competition with the governmentfunded CTC.

Ms Fraser said there had been a lot of community confusion about the CTC and the meeting was an opportunity to start afresh.

She stressed that the clarification of membership was the most pressing issue.

"I won't be releasing any more funds until I am convinced the membership is sorted and the finances are in order," Ms Fraser said.

She told IT business owners the CTC was set-up as an IT shopfront and must remain competitively neutral.

"As long as there are govenment funds involved, the CTC can't compete with you," she said.

After quite a lot of heated debate, interim treasurer Brian Eves gave the meeting a clear ultimaum.

"The CTC was haemorraging. I, along with some concerned others, said I would look into things, to help bring these ghosts to light.

"Either you vote in support of moving forward tonight or I walk away."

Board member and chairperson for the evening, Dave Hitchcock, moved that all memberships be validated on payment of one dollar and the AGM be brought forward to the earliest possible date.

"No-one will be refused ? I will contact all those who have made applications in the past," Mr Hitchcock said.

A general meeting to validate member applications was set for 7pm on Monday, June 20 at the CTC and the AGM has been scheduled for Monday, July 11.

Any further queries about the organisation should be directed to Kerry Fraser on 1800 282 679 or to the Department of Fair Trading.

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