Bleeding thumb story turns bad

IT'S not easy trying to do the right thing, as Gail Thomas found on Sunday afternoon.

A falling metal bracket went through her thumb while she was trying to reassemble a bed after a tiring house move at the weekend.

But her efforts to take care of herself and leave the ambulance and the hospital free for 'real emergencies' gave her a long, traumatic evening and a nerve-wracking drive.

Ms Thomas bound up her injured hand and managed to drive to the chemist to get first-aid supplies and dressings, but was told her bleeding hand needed a doctor's attention and an X-ray, so she set off to find one of the surgeries she had been told would be open.

Although she visited the building housing Coffs Harbour GPs after-hours medical centre on the corner of the Pacific Highway and Bray Street, which was open, she was misled when she came to a 'closed until further notice' sign on the door of the adjoining medical clinic and didn't realise the open clinic was further around the corner.

Finally she drove to the Coffs Harbour Health Campus with hazard lights flashing, holding up her bound and bleeding hand to ex- plain her slow progress to other drivers.

"I didn't have a mobile phone and I didn't want to call an ambulance because I didn't think it was enough of an emergency, but I was anxious about driving," she said.

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