Bike theft stumps fireman


DAVE Kiehne can be called out any time. That's the nature of his job.

The 46-year-old is a retained firefighter at Coffs Harbour Fire Station, and when his pager goes off, he's expected to respond quickly.

He hops on his trusty motorbike and dashes from his Azalea Avenue house to the station.

However, daring thieves have now put a stop to that.

Dave left his red 1993 GPX 600R motorbike parked on the street on Sunday night. But when he got out of bed at 1.30am, he looked through his windows and discovered it was gone.

He reckons they've wheeled it off and managed to start it down the road.

"They made no noise at all, but they left me the lock. Very nice of them," he said.

"I didn't need that at 1.30 in the morning. I rang the police, but I don't hold any great hope of getting it back.

"I haven't even had it 12 months.

"My wife used to take the car to work and I'd have the bike, but now I have to take her to work so I can have the car.

"Or I have to borrow someone else's car, or ask for a lift, particularly if I have to go to an outstation such as Woolgoolga.

"If I pick up a day's work labouring or something like that, I now have to rely on the boss to pick me up.

"The fire brigade is a really close knit family and we all help each other, but you don't like to rely on someone all the time.

"I've also had to go to the RTA to cancel the registration.

"The whole thing is a massive inconvenience."

Dave also reckons the loss of his motorbike means he could be delayed in respond- ing to an emergency callout.

If you can help, contact Coffs Harbour police.

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