Leanne Raven enjoying a quiet morning at Sawtell Pool
Leanne Raven enjoying a quiet morning at Sawtell Pool



JUST like racehorses, there are some businesses that are mudlarks and yesterday the wet track specialists got the inside running.

The joint was jumping at the Holiday Lanes 10-pin bowling alley, which was booked solidly until 8.30pm.

Manager James McGinty said about 700 people were due to play at Holiday Lanes yesterday, from small children to grandparents.

Bus drivers, Loris and Noel Stace, have been driving busloads of holiday camp children around the Coffs Coast this week from their base at the Yarrahappini Ecology Centre near Stuarts Point.

They said yesterday was the first day the camp's program of mainly outdoor water-based activities had been interrupted, but the children had been happy to take in some 10-pin bowling instead.

For the Staces, heavy rain just means driving 10km slower.

"It's not ideal travelling weather, but heavy rain is just part of your job," Mr Stace said.

Park Beach Plaza and Palms Shopping centres both reported surging crowds.

Park Beach Plaza manager, Paul Savelberg, who had just returned to his office after fighting his way to Big W to buy his children new binder books, said he could not believe how busy the centre was.

He said back-to-school shopping and holidaymakers staying out of the rain had combined to create 'almost pre-Christmas' crowds.

Acting manager of Palms Shopping David Allen said the whole centre was really busy and hot food was proving popular with shoppers as temperatures dropped.

And then there are those who get a break when the rain tumbles down, like car detailers and pool managers.

"We love it ? because we don't have to wash the cars," said one car detailer, "but I think it cuts down the number of customers (at the car yard)."

Leanne Raven said yesterday the Sawtell pool was 'pretty quiet, but not too bad'.

As heavy rain fell right across the Coffs Coast, Mrs Raven, whose husband manages the Sawtell swimming pool, said the pool's learn-to-swim lessons meant it was not totally deserted, with a few swimmers in the pool and some people around who came along with the learners.

At least swimmers know they just can't get any wetter!

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