Turning it on in the name of fun . . . Coramba?s Belly Babies strut their stuff during one of their classes yesterday.
Turning it on in the name of fun . . . Coramba?s Belly Babies strut their stuff during one of their classes yesterday.

Belly laughs


WHEN most of us are grappling with the Monday-morning blues, one group of women love nothing more than to let it all hang out.

They are the Belly Babies, women from all ages and walks of life who meet each Monday at an unlikely setting ? Coramba's community hall ? to learn the finer art of Egyptian belly dancing.

Businesswomen, housewives, social workers, cosmeticians and students are transformed into wigglers, shakers, thrusters and groovers in a burst of colour and enthusiasm.

The candle dance, Cyprus twist, camel walking, rib cage, belly roll and Egyptian hip-drop are all terms the women have come to know and love intimately.

While the emphasis is on fun, their teacher Jazmin Moore admits she works them hard.

"They've only been going since Easter and have been doing really well," Jazmin said.

"They're losing weight without even trying because they're using every muscle in their bodies.

"It's also terrific for breathing, and it makes women feel like women."

While the troupe have been asked to do a few paid performances, mostly their appearances help raise money for charity.

Annette Fisher, a support officer with the NSW Police Service, has been taking classes for the past eight weeks.

"I was talking to Jazmin one day and she told me she was off to teach a class, and I told her I'd be in it," Annette said.

"I love the exercise, the fun, the company of the girls, and dancing for charitable causes.

"I've always wanted to do belly dancing and I'm loving it. "Some of us also make our own costumes."

Jazmin, a licensed teacher who has danced all over the world, said she kept up with the latest moves and also taught at other locations throughout the district.

She can be contacted on 6649 4880 or 0408 600 140.

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