Beach party warning


WHEN you supply young people with booze, we all lose.

That's the message from Coffs Harbour police as summer approaches and beach parties gear up.

"There are consequences to the community as a whole when young people consume alcohol, especially in the environment of beach parties," Senior Constable Marisa Bremner said.

"Police resources are tied up, council has to pay for reserves and parks to be cleaned up, malicious damage to property must be repaired, community members have to deal with noise and disturbance resulting from these parties, not to mention what can potentially happen to the young persons themselves when they are intoxicated."

She said parents needed to 'get with the program' and know where their teenage children were and to take responsibility for them, while liquor outlets had to be more vigilant when selling alcohol.

"Most minors who are detected drinking or in possession of alcohol admit that their parents did not know where they were," Const. Bremner said.

"The legal age to purchase and consume alcohol is 18, however, many of these young people are having alcohol supplied to them by strangers, friends, older brothers and sisters, and sometimes even their parents."

"The community as a whole needs to work together to deal with the problem of underage drinking, and it starts at home."

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