Appeal under a cloud


WHEN the Group 2 general committee is asked tonight to sign off their executive's five year banishment of the Gimbisi Valley club they may still not know if the Warriors intend to lodge an appeal with Country Rugby League.

"They've indicated they will," Group secretary Peter O'Grady said yesterday, "but so far nothing has emerged and the deadline is 5pm Thursday."

Sources say Gimbisi may have difficulty finding the 'fresh evidence' on which any appeal must be based.

Crucial to Saturday's hearing was a video obtained from the Coffs Harbour club and used in evidence.

Now the video has been tendered and it's contents used in the subsequent findings and suspension, the Warriors may only have eyewitness statements as a fall back strategy on which to build a fresh case.

And by agreeing to the Executive rather the General Committe hearing the case, the club has effectively ruled out one vital level of appeal.

All that remains now,is the CRL.

Or should it come to it, the court system.

"I'd prefer it all go away and it will in time," a frustrated O'Grady remarked.

"In the meantime we'll (the executive) face it without walking away.

"We owe it to the people who go to watch footy."

With the prospect of two byes in the competition the Group has moved quickly to obtain a prospective fresh draw for the remainder of the season.

"The clubs can vote tonight whether we proceed with the change or stay with the status quo," O'Grady said.

"Both systems have problems as the new draw means some clubs will play each other twice, others three times.

"Commonsense is needed as nobody could have predicted this development."

The Warriors players seem destined for the same limbo as their club following a ruling on transfers from CRL yesterday.

"No rego or insurance money was payed before the Coffs game so that's still owing," O'Grady said.

"Unless it's paid the players will be declared defaulters and can't be cleared.

"This may take until June 30 or beyond to sort out."

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