Another issue to be resolved


IF the appeal by the Warriors to be reinstated into this year's Group 2 competition is dismissed, the management committee of the Group will still have another issue that needs to be resolved.

The decision by the CRL to treat each Gimbisi game in the second half of the season as a bye and give everyone two points for the fixture has some clubs up in arms.

Woolgoolga's captain-coach John Cross has settled down a bit since first hearing of the decision but wants to know how the CRL believe that a decision that punishes his club can be seen as a correct one?

"At first I was filthy but I just sort of think that there's not much I can do about it now," a philosophical Cross said.

"They're going to put an appeal in and go and state their case and see what happens.

"It's just disappointing that you do nothing wrong, a side will get thrown out of the comp and we're the ones that are disadvantaged the most out of it for doing nothing wrong, that's the hard thing.

"Sawtell and Coffs had the chance to beat them 17 on 17 and they got beat and they get two points for it. That's the hard thing to take but that's Country Rugby League I guess."

Cross has an ally for his argument in Nambucca Heads coach Mark Morrison.

Morrison is most disappointed that Gimbisi's under 18 team have been barred from the competition as well but is also concerned about the CRL ruling regarding the treatment of Gimbisi Valley matches in the second half of the season.

"Without calling Terry Quinn (CRL general manager) a goose basically I think it's a very poorly thought out decision," Morrison said.

"I'm not asking for our points back from the first half of the season I'm just saying that from that Port Macquarie game, then it's a bye and that's when they've been kicked out from or it's a bye from the start of the year.

"You can't say 'well from the second round' because teams who played them in the second round thought they were playing them for a win and if you leave it then you need to do something about the for and against because that might come into contention.

Group 2 president, Greg Mayhew, understands the points of view he is receiving from both sides of the argument, he also knows that the issue of the CRL ruling needs to resolved quickly.

"While the ruling has pleased some clubs it's also irked some. We've now got a dispute and we've got to get to the bottom of it," he said.

"I understand the arguments but that's the ruling. We asked for a ruling and we got one.

"Now that means that all points for and against were to be wiped, the two points would go to Sawtell and two points would go to Coffs Harbour who Gimbisi beat in the second round in the three matches played."

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