Alarm bells ringing

ALL the talk this week in Group 2 circles has centred around Darren Leaney returning to the coaching caper to take over the reins at Woolgoolga.

Many are predicting that Leaney's take no nonsense attitude is just what's required for the Seahorses and that spells danger to every Woolgoolga opponent over the next month.

Coffs Harbour captain-coach Aaron Dyett has heard the talk and he admits that he's been hearing alarm bells going off all week.

"Mate, loud and clear," he said.

"We're going to have to make it a smash and grab raid.

"They'll come out prepared to be chewing glass for him to impress him (Leaney) and they'll be full of emotion.

"From what I hear that's his bag, Leaney teams are always full of emotion."

A victory tomorrow could see the Comets move into the top three, while a loss could see them suddenly look vulnerable if Sawtell can get their act together quickly.

Of all the teams in finals contention, it is Coffs Harbour that has the toughest run home, facing all the other teams in the five over the course of the last four rounds.

Dyett admits that the run is hard but that it has its distinct advantages.

"We're just not allowed to take anyone lightly for the rest of the year," he said.

"From here on in it's a dress rehearsal for the semi's as other than Woolgoolga we play everyone that's above us."

Dyett himself will be missing from tomorrow's clash due to an ankle injury he sustained a fortnight ago.

He says that he expects to be back in another two weeks.

"I'm disappointed to be missing this week as it should be a really physical game," he lamented.

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