A kick in the arse


THE Warriors are back ... again. Gimbisi Valley have won their appeal against a five-year ban handed down by Group 2 rugby league after a brief hearing by the Country Rugby League Appeals Board at Wingham on Saturday. It was the second time the board had met after a two-hour hearing at Wauchope on Thursday was adjourned. The final decision was known within 20 minutes of the start of Saturday's meeting, leaving many in the senior management of the competition shellshocked and group chairman Greg Mayhew feeling 'totally disillusioned'. "What can you say, what can you do?" Mayhew asked, pleadingly. "This is the second time in two years we've been forced to take action after allegations of misconduct by Gimbisi and the second time we've been overruled by the CRL. "Those blokes have given us a real big kick in the arse." Asked if he felt the resumed hearing was window dressing and a decision had actually been reached at Wauchope, Mayhew replied: "I don't know how they (the Appeals Board) could possibly make a negative ruling on the evidence presented, wherever they met. "The video was of poor quality with no sound. "So we had to rely on the evidence of the referee and touch judges. "Referee Faron Nelson was unfaltering in his presentation but they chose to ignore it." He confirmed several of his key officials were considering resignation over the matter. "They are as bitterly disappointed as I am but I hope as things settle down, they'll have time to think things over and stay on. "We have a duty of care to protect everybody in the game from harm, whether they're players, officials or spectators . "The CRL keep telling us of our obligations but here they go and do something that makes it impossible to enforce our responsibilty." The successful appeal means the Warriors will immediately resume their place in the competition and their postponed clash with Macksville is now likely to be played on the June long weekend. "Let's hope there are no more problems," Mayhew said before adding a warning. "If there are more problems we may have to take a totally different course of action."

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