Anti-fluoridation speaker inspires

SUPPORT for fluoridation is crumbling.

Already throughout much of Canada towns have abandoned the decade-old practice of fluoridating town water supplies.

The city of Calgary has said "no", and in New York the matter is up for debate.

In Bellingen residents continue to work towards a similar victory, many residents still angry the council allowed fluoridation to go ahead in spite of community opposition.

On Thursday night they were inspired by Prof Paul Connett, US professor of chemistry and passionate anti-fluoride campaigner, who was in town as part of his Australia-wide tour promoting his book, The Case Against Fluoridation.

The audience of about 50 heard how in 1999 US scientists were saying the benefit of fluoride was to the outside of teeth.

“Once it was recognised the benefit was topical, why did authorities continue making us swallow it?” Prof Connett said.

He cited a study that showed 41 per cent of US children now had some form of dental fluorosis, ie: poisoning by fluoride compounds.

“Warnings were sent to dentists to use non-fluoridated water but no warnings went out to parents. Children under one year are the most vulnerable but parents don’t know to avoid using fluoridated water in formula!”

Further, he said studies of Western European countries, 98 per cent of which didn’t fluoridate their water, showed no difference in the levels of decay for fluoridated populations.

“Astonishingly, no studies are being done to monitor the effects of fluoride – no heath agencies (including Australia) are monitoring the effects of fluoride.

“Yet in China and India numerous studies show the serious side effects of fluoride on children’s IQ – they just don’t happen to have been written in English.”

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