Highway patrol speed check - file photo
Highway patrol speed check - file photo

Another speeding driver endangers lives in Coffs Harbour

ANOTHER day on the Coffs Coast ... and another driver caught by police doing something stupid that endangers the community.

Around 8.30pm last night, a 29-year-old man was allegedly detected driving a maroon Ford Falcon on the Pacific Highway, Coffs Harbour, at 109km/h in the 60km/h zone.

Also in the car was a woman and two small children.

The driver was issued with an infringement notice for exceed speed more than 45km/h and his licence was suspended until October 2013.

He was one of 15 drivers caught travelling at 45km/h or more over the speed limit so far this long weekend, during Operation Go Slow.

All of them face a $2154 fine and suspension of their licence, as well as confiscation of their registration plates.

In the past four days, 223 people have been charged with drink driving.

Speeding fines are still being totalled with 906 booked on Saturday alone.

Highway Patrol Command's Superintendent Stuart Smith is pleading for commonsense.

"It is somewhat unbelievable that we saw a number of drivers lose their licences to speeding offences yesterday with total disregard for the safety of others," he said.

"Those people and their families were lucky they were stopped by police when they were, as travelling above the speed limit increases your risk of being involved in a crash that could kill or injure someone.

"Drivers are still running the unacceptable risk and putting others in danger and police will be out patrolling for them."

The NSW long weekend road toll increased to five last night after a fatal crash at Kariong.

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