Angels in our midst

AS I get older I find it getting harder to believe in God and the afterlife when angels already live and work among us.

Some of these angels work for the Red Cross who every day ring the frail and lonely to make sure they are okay.

This service was provided for my 86-year-old mother-in-law Shirley.

Recently they rang me to say Shirley was not answering her phone.

I raced around to her flat to find her slumped on the floor barely conscious.

I immediately rang 000 who helped me make Shirley comfortable.

The next angels were on their way, the paramedics.

They arrived swiftly and took over the care of Shirley with professionalism and compassion.

Shirley was transported to the base hospital.

At the hospital we were directed to her bedside in emergency to witness three nursing angels comforting and caring for Shirley's needs, even making sure she had a softer bed due to the bruising from the fall.

During the next 30 hours we witnessed a team of professional, caring and compassionate angels care for Shirley.

On Sunday morning we found Shirley washed, in a clean bed with her hair brushed and looking comfortable.

This we thought was a beautiful moment. I would especially like to thank the doctor, Victor.

He helped us understand everything that was happening and how to deal with it in a quiet and gentle manner.

On Sunday the angels organised a private room and helped us to be comfortable with Shirley as she passed on in a beautiful quiet surrounding with her family.

These angels do not have an easy job.

They put up with sights, sounds, smells and abuses on a daily basis that most of us can only tolerate for a short time, but they do it with a smile, patience and a kind word.

I am glad to have these angels living among us.

Thank you all. 


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