Fraser to visit Mullaway and discuss drainage concerns

FOLLOWING a petition regarding inadequate storm water drainage at Mullaway, Member for Coffs Harbour Andrew Fraser has agreed to meet with residents and discuss their concerns.

Mr Fraser will be at the Mullaway Store from 3pm on Friday.

A petition outlining the need for adequate drainage was presented to Mr Fraser with 340 signatures in September.

In response, Mr Fraser wrote to Coffs Harbour City Council general manager Steve McGrath, who forwarded the petition and photos to the council's Sustainable Infrastructure Strategic Asset Management Section for review.

A group of residents responsible for the initial petition said they will write to Mr McGrath seeking clarification of the review process and a proposed timeline for the issue to be resolved.

They will also invite Mr McGrath to visit the Mullaway Store with Mr Fraser on Friday.

The group took the petition to Mr Fraser's office on September 29, at which time the MP said he had "a moral responsibility" to rectify the issue.

"I think some simple drainage solutions out there, which wouldn't cost the earth, should be considered by council with a long-term view to giving them what everyone else sees as a right," he said.

"Having walked those streets ... I walked around in a pair of boots and thought 'good God, this is sloppy'."

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