Ammunition found at tip

A POTENTIALLY tragic situation was averted last week thanks to the quick response of Phil Lorrie and his colleague Mark Lecornu at the Coffs Coast Resource Recovery Facility.

While working on the conveyor belt taking rubbish into the Biomass enclave, the men noticed a dozen live shotgun cartridges passing by.

"The autoclave heats up to over 100 degrees and the cartridges could have gone off," Mr Lorrie said.

"People could have been hurt or killed."

This is the second time in six months Mr Lorrie has found ammunition. In December it was a box of live bullets. Operations manager, Grant Clancy, said people needed to realise garbage was no longer tipped into the landfill and the process now involved manual handling.

"Ammunition is just one of many dangerous materials that must not be placed in any bin," Mr Clancy said.

"Chemicals, gas bottles, fire extinguishers and car batteries are all potentially hazardous.

"There are designated areas here at the Recovery Facility for their safe disposal."

He said bullets could be taken to local police stations for proper disposal.

Medical waste was another category of material sometimes placed in the rubbish, which could endanger the safety and/or health of staff.

He reminded people that medical waste should be disposed of through proper clinical services or Sharps Bins and that unwanted medicines should be returned to local pharmacists.

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