This column is brought to you by the travel experts at Flight Centre. Follow Frankie and Fionnula to party in Bali with flights and four nights’ accommodation at the 4-star Kuta Central Park Hotel from $655pp from Brisbane. Call 133 133 or visit for details.
This column is brought to you by the travel experts at Flight Centre. Follow Frankie and Fionnula to party in Bali with flights and four nights’ accommodation at the 4-star Kuta Central Park Hotel from $655pp from Brisbane. Call 133 133 or visit for details. Contributed

Fi and Frankie: All’s well that ends well


It's Boxing Day and we've all just checked in at the Fivelements Puri Ahimsa Retreat in Ubud.

Picture luxuriously decked out bamboo huts on the banks of the Ayung River. We are in heaven.

Leo and I, Fionnula and Ted, and mum and dad made the decision to see in the new year Balinese-style. We've been patting ourselves on the back ever since.

Speaking of patting ourselves on the back, Fionnula and I concurred over several Christmas margaritas yesterday that our countdown has been a tremendous success.

Over the past 11 weeks, we've both come a long way.

Fionnula has signed up to Silhouettes gym over the northside, defriended Greg, asked Jim on a date, travelled to Thailand and partied at Koh Samui, rejoined Sihouettes, had a night alone, attended the life drawing class, and joined Perfect Fit on the southside.

Meanwhile, I adopted Poppy, joined the dog park gang, searched for work, turned down a marriage proposal, and attended Leo's barbecue, the holistic Rocky expo, the life drawing class and fondue Friday.

While there have been many daunting moments over the past two and a half months, there's no doubt Fi and I have been transformed by the weekly challenges at Cafe Cathene.

Case in point? Leo and Ted. We've ticked our major Christmas countdown goal. We've found the loves of our lives. The fact they're brothers is just a massive, serendipitous "Santa Claus is coming to town" bonus.


Frankie is perfect. When I first met her, there was definitely a connection.

As always, though, timing is everything, and back in October, the timing was wrong. It's right now, though.

When mum told Ted and I she was moving from Sydney to Rocky, we weren't very encouraging, but look where it led us. Right into the arms of the most beautiful women in the Beef Capital. Correction...the most beautiful women in Australia.

I don't know if Frankie told you, but I've established quite a thriving business selling Tupperware in Indonesia.

In fact, the Tupperware trade has become so big that we're going to relocate to Bali. Frankie will write her travel/food blog from here, and I'll be ideally placed to peddle my plastic.

You know, observing Fi and Frankie's Christmas countdown from an outsider's point of view, there's one person who has been instrumental in turning the girls' lives around...Lynnie.

That woman deserves a medal. I think I'll shout her a day spa treatment. Without Lynnie, I don't think any of us would be seeing in the new year here. Bring on 2016.


Well haven't Frankie and I hit the jackpot? On our arms are two lovely guys who appear to be loaded. I couldn't believe it when they each handed over an all-expenses-paid trip to Bali.

And generously included Lynnie and Ken too.

In fact, I'm so in love with Ted I've readjusted my top five list to reflect HIS major qualities, which are: 1. Funny 2. Cute 3. Kind 4. Loyal 5. Interesting. I've realised that those are the attributes I should have been seeking the whole time. And now I've found them.

I couldn't be prouder of Frankie and I for committing to, and achieving, the major goal of our Christmas countdown. I've learnt a hell of a lot about myself, and I think that's been key in letting love back into my life. Anyway, enough soppiness.

Today, Ted and I are exploring the sacred monkey forest sanctuary, Frankie and Leo have booked into the bamboo bath house, and Lynnie and Ken are devoting the morning to their private plunge pool. Happy days.


Fionnula makes me laugh like no one else. Being around her just lifts my spirits, and hopefully I do the same for her. That's all I was ever after really, to have a partner who feels like your best friend. I adore her.


This time next week, I will be having coffee with my own friends, over the northside. That extra hot cappuccino will be savoured in the knowledge that Fi and Frankie are happy, settled, and no longer my responsibility. Finally, Ken and I can resume customising our caravan, and set off for our long-awaited trip around Australia.

I sincerely hope that a similarly bright and rosy future awaits all our readers in 2016, and that your Christmas wishes have also come true. Now, to find that plunge pool. x Love Lynnie.

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