Dalrymple Creek in flood in January 2017.
Dalrymple Creek in flood in January 2017. Gerard Walsh

Allora calls for crisis recognition

RESIDENTS of Allora are calling for better protection and warning against floods.

Donna-Maree Harm and husband Tony had the backyard of their Raff St home inundated by a foot and a half (45cm) of floodwaters from Dalrymple Creek a fortnight ago.

"Our home is about 12 years old and one of the previous councils has approved it to be built and it is now classified as being in a flood zone,” she said.

"Thankfully our house is on three-foot stumps because otherwise we would have gone under every time.

"This was our fourth flood - I think they need to either protect the area or help us move out of it.

"After our second or third flood we did ask for a levee bank to disperse the water away from our homes and on to paddocks, but the council at the time didn't even discuss it.”

The most recent flood caused the couple about $15,000 damage, compared to the $68,000 damage bill incurred in 2013, which Ms Harm said insurance took 11 months to cover.

"This time the floodwaters peaked at 3 on the Friday morning and had subsided by 9am,” she said.

"That's because the rain had stopped about 9 the night before - in previous floods where there's been much more rain, we've had the water stay around for 24 hours or more.”

Fellow Raff St resident Richard Kyle said his property was also flooded by about 400mm of water.

Like his neighbour, Mr Kyle said he had requested a levee l to redirect floodwaters away from their home.

Ms Harm said Southern Downs Regional Council had contacted her to discuss future preparations.

"I was disappointed the SDRC disaster management committee made no mention of the floods hitting Allora,” she said.

"Only from living here a long time did we know to monitor the creek and knew how much was needed for it to flood here so we could move stuff and save us damage costs.

"To their credit, the council have now contacted me and will have a discussion about what they are going to have to improve on after I posted something on their Facebook page.

"At least Tracy Dobie seems willing to have a chat and look at options for us.”

Hillside Rd resident Col Willett said another lasting concern of heavy rain events was the damage they did to Allora roads.

Mr Willett said Hillside Rd had already looked dilapidated but the recent rain had left the roadside much worse for wear.

He said he also reported a 600mm deep washout on the approach to the Dalrymple Creek Bridge to the council.

"Neigbours have had to fill in some of the gullies themselves just to leave their properties safely,” Mr Willett said.

"I am concerned someone will get killed from the state of the road.”

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