CHETTY FAMILY: Praveen, Kolin, Sarra, Kaelan and Renee.
CHETTY FAMILY: Praveen, Kolin, Sarra, Kaelan and Renee.

All in the family at new Jetty Strip restaurant

FOOD lovers were out in force at the opening of 3rd Gen Restaurant & Bar last week.

This restaurant is the newest modern dining addition to the popular foodie trail at the Jetty Strip.

3rd Gen is the latest venture of the local Chetty family. Their name is both well-known and respected in the industry, with the family having previously run the popular local Tandoori Oven restaurant for 27 years.

As the name suggests, 3rd Gen marks the beginning of a new stage, with the third generation in the Chetty Family now stepping up to re-launch the family business, in the same location as the original restaurant.

"The name 3rd Gen perfectly captures this next chapter for us,” said Kolin Chetty, former owner of Tandoori Oven.

"Our whole family including my mother Jaya, who opened Tandoori Oven in 1985 with my late father, Chin, voted unanimously on the name.”

Praveen Chetty, eldest grandson of Chin and Jaya Chetty, has the role of manager of 3Rd Gen.

"I am excited to launch a modern spin on the family's love of providing fresh, quality food,” Praveen said.

A passion for food has long been a part of the Chetty family, with Chin and Jaya Chetty running Tandoori Oven for 12 years before passing ownership onto their son and his wife, Kolin and Renee Chetty in 1997.

Kolin and Renee ran the successful restaurant for 15 years while also raising their three children, before selling the business in 2012.

"When the opportunity arose for the family to get back into the restaurant game, at the original location, it was a chance we weren't going to miss,” said Kolin

"The whole family are really excited to be back in the industry, providing the style of fresh, quality food we love to our local community. We are so proud to see the continuation of our family's passion,” said Renee. 

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