iPhones turning us into iDrones

HOW dependant are we on the electronic age?

Last week at work we upgraded our server and emails were down for a couple of days.

Fair dinkum, you would have thought the world had ended or at the very least the predicted disaster that was predicted when the clock ticked over in 2000 had come 12 years and 138 days late.

We were all walking around in a zombie-like trance muttering about when the emails would be back up.

What about our contacts lists, files etc, how were we supposed to know when and who we were meeting with if our calendars weren't restored?

Blimey, in less than 20 years we have been locked into the electronic age so badly most of us can't function without it ... or at least think we can't.

Guess the people who sell diaries, writing paper, stamps, calendars and fax machines would agree with me that we should at least have a sensible back-up plan, you know, like writing things down, filling out calendars, faxing off documents and keeping copies or even posting them (there's a novel thought) just in case the day ever comes when the internet crashes and keep in mind the unsinkable Bismark was sunk and the Titanic lost one nil to an iceberg.

So today, just for practise instead of sending an email to the person sitting within earshot, go and talk to them or for the ones out of earshot ring them or write a letter.

You never know when you may have to revert to some old skills to make the world go around.

It does pose the question of whether we are actually getting smarter, or are some getting a lot smarter and a lot richer while the rest of us are turning into drones.

Imagine if we were being observed by another civilisation. I am sure they would be less than impressed by our intelligence if they observed what some of our signs said.

Speed signs along the byways would get them wondering why we need to be told every 500 metres how fast we should be going.

Or the sign on top of the wheelie bin that says not to put hot coals in the bin as it may catch fire?

But the real clincher for the aliens would be if they witnessed humans boarding a plane, not so much the idiots that push in as if the plane is going to take off half-loaded, no more so if they were to witness the safety brief explaining to the passengers how to operate a seat belt?

I reckon any self respecting alien would make Earth off bounds if they saw that little display.

Dead set, how helpless are we?

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