Editorial - Wednesday, June 4:After the Advocate, the deluge

YOU'VE no doubt heard the television saying about never working with children or dogs.

Well you can now add to that: In newspapers never celebrate a warm and dry season on the front page when you and many others are relying on a continuation of clear skies.

I should have heeded my own advice last Friday because no sooner had 33,000 copies of our Saturday Awesome Autumn edition arrived in Coffs for distribution across the city than the heavens opened.

The downpour threw into chaos the plans of the organisers of the Relay for Life and lots of people wanting to play and party in the sun.

To all those who had their expectations dampened I can only extend my sympathy for any part the Advocate played in bringing rain to their parade.

Believe me I know all too well, what impact the earlier than forecast deluge had.

Luckily here on the glorious Coffs Coast we're adaptable and certainly veteran Relay for Lifers were in no way deterred by the muddy conditions.

I will however in the future be more cognisant of tempting the hand of Mother Nature, although I now know what to do when we need a dry spell to end or my garden needs a drink.

To know when that is, just keep an eye on the front page.

Graeme Singleton,

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