Accident 'waiting to happen'

BOAMBEE East residents knew it was just a matter of time before a new traffic island built on Sawtell Road would be the scene of an accident.

Early on Saturday at about 1am came the dreaded crash, as a motor vehicle careered over the pedestrian refuge, just days after it was completed.

“When we saw it was built in that section of road near the corner of Lamberts Road we all said an accident is going to happen there,” local resident Jan Hutchings said.

“I am sure it was built there with the best intentions to help pedestrians cross the road between the two bus stops on either side of the road but it encroaches into that lane of traffic, it’s a real hazard.

“When you are driving you literally have three seconds from rounding the bend to spot it and avoid it – a lot of people drive far too quickly on Sawtell Road to be able to make that decision,” she said.

Woken by the crash, Jan and nearby residents found a car had flattened the signs on the island and veered to the opposite side of the road.

Before and after the accident locals have reported a host of other close calls and near misses.

Jan says she is so concerned about the island she has written to Coffs Harbour City Council calling for the speed limit on Sawtell Road to be lowered to 50km/h.

Other residents The Advocate spoke to suggested that the bus stops should be moved around the bend to allow motorists better visibility and longer reaction time.

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