Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP

A world without Facebook

HAVE we ever thought about Facebook and what we are doing with it?

Ever thought about the amount of time we sit and play with about 90% of what we could be doing of real benefit to ourselves.

It's so much easier to play with our "friends" that use it, and compare others to ourselves.

We don't have to post letters, set-up emails, attach pictures and other info that can be sent with it, and then await a reply (whilst awaiting we can check-out others on Facebook just for the info, maybe get a coffee or some sweets to keep us intrigued, just for a few minutes only?, Gee my weight is building up with these sit and eat periods).

In the meantime, everything we do with Facebook, pictures we attach, and information we want to be private to just each other, is available worldwide to anyone that is a cheat and doesn't care about privacy, to themselves or others.

Remember our income/expenditure files we keep?

These can be available to others if shared on Facebook with someone we trust as these files can then be traced and read.

Maybe we should think about the actual wasted time we have and download a program that will teach us just what a PC is.

Do we really want to send all our private information world-wide to anyone that is not trustworthy?

Think hard about the use of Facebook and what you inform the whole world of.

Brian Antaw


Appreciating our beaches for others

OUR beaches need to be used, appreciated and on a walk to the south end of Sapphire Beach it was great to see that some children had creatively built a turtle on the sand.

The next child had built a disposable nappy, one boulder on top of another.

Now the child can't read, but the parents can and if this is disposing of a nappy thoughtfully it put a new meaning on using the beach.

Gordon Albon



Highway school holiday robbery

IT would be great if you could ask the petrol distributors in Coffs Harbour why they raised the price of unleaded petrol by 20 cents per litre last Thursday just in time for the school holidays with no real justification as neither the oil price or Australian dollar has changed to justify the large increase.

The independent station supplied by liberty at Bonville hasn't changed it's petrol price of 141.9 cents per litre, which indicates that the wholesale price hasn't changed yet the Liberty owned station on the highway is 8 cents dearer in line with the rest of Coffs Harbour petrol stations.

Obviously collective greed as taken over.

Trevor Quick, Bonville


The politics of war

I CONDEMN the missile attack by US, British and French forces on Syria.

If they want to bomb an evil regime, why don't they bomb the Saudis in retaliation for the atrocities they are committing against the people of Yemen?

Why don't they bomb the Turks for their atrocities against the Kurds?

The Syrian regime is a secular regime under which the Christians live in relative safety, in fact the Christians of Syria are the Assad regime's most enthusiastic supporters.

The Americans did a good job of wiping out 2000 years of Christianity in Iraq with their criminal invasion that spawned ISIS and cost 650,000 lives (according the the British Medical Journal The Lancet), now it looks like they want to finish the job in Syria, because if the Assad regime falls the Christians of Syria will be annihilated.

Bob Vinncombe

Harwood claim North Coast grand final victory

premium_icon Harwood claim North Coast grand final victory

Minor premiers claim four wicket win over Sawtell

GLOBAL STAR: Singh's rise to power makes international news

premium_icon GLOBAL STAR: Singh's rise to power makes international news

A MAJOR Indian news organisation has jumped all over the story.

Who is Mary Berejiklian?

Who is Mary Berejiklian?

Gladys Berejiklian thanks Mary in victory speech but who is Mary?