A right royal thriller

SET in the 18th century Danish court, it's the time of the Enlightenment and political tensions across Europe are hitting their peak.

A Royal Affair follows Caroline, a young English noblewoman who is sent to Denmark to be the King's bride.

Upon arriving in Denmark, the reality of an arranged married hits home.

Christian VII is mentally unwell, notoriously unfaithful and a political puppet, not a leader.

Before long, Christian becomes so unstable that his advisers seek a personal physician, Doctor Johann Friedrich Struensee.

Struensee is a man of the Enlightenment, a movement shunned in Demark, and he tries to keep his philosophies secret while remaining a confidant of the King.

Caroline is drawn to Struensee and his modern philosophies.

They strike up an affair and the result is heated both emotionally and politically.

Together they are the beginning of a revolution that would one day change the face of Denmark.

A Royal Affair is a fantastic film. It is passionate, looks beautiful and the performances are brilliant.

Some of Denmark's greatest talent is showcased here.

Nikolaj Arcel (from the writing team of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) has done a good all-round job of directing and writing this glossy period piece, but it's in the ensemble cast where his talent as a filmmaker is really evident.

The supporting cast is made up of wonderful characters, well acted, who provide excellent support to the heroes.

At nearly two and a half hours, A Royal Affair is probably longer than it needs to be, but all is forgiven by the end of this lovely film.

There is also a little something for everyone; it's funny, romantic, political and suspenseful.

You won't regret the trip to the cinema for this one.

- Nicola Josey

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