Matt Shanahan is set for a big tournament in Adelaide.
Matt Shanahan is set for a big tournament in Adelaide.

A ray of sunshine

PRIOR to commencing duties with CHBA, Matt Shanahan had paired up with Pat Reidy to enter a team in the inaugural ‘Foot Locker Elite Classic – High Stakes Hoops’ event to played in Adelaide over Easter.

Perhaps by coincidence Shanahan’s team is called the ‘Rays’ and has a stylised sun logo very similar to our own.

The Foot Locker Elite Classic – High Stakes Hoops is like no previous basketball event in Australia.

Eight teams will compete for a minimum total prize pool of $250,000 over a five-day period at the Adelaide Dome. All games will be broadcast live on One HD. The tournament will be conducted in two pools of four teams and begin at 12.30 on April 6 and run until 8.30pm on April 9.

The final will be played on Sunday, April 11 from 5pm.

The tournament will provide rule adjustments that will deliver a free-flowing, every-minute-counts basketball contest.

On two occasions during each game, the coach of each team may opt to use a ‘Game Breaker’ phase. Over the next three minutes of clock time the team in the Game Breaker has each successful three-point shot counted as four points. Their backboard will be lit in green, denoting that the Game Breaker phase is current. Each team may use one ‘Game Breaker’ in each half.

Teams that may be 12 or 15 points behind are suddenly only a few made shots away from being back in the contest. Also, leads can be gained or extended quickly and no team is ever really out of the contest due to the potential offensive frenzy of these three-minute phases.

In addition to the Game Breaker phases, there will be a ‘game within the game’.

Each individual quarter will be scored separately from the actual game score. The team that wins each quarter will receive bonus ‘elite points’ that will be accumulated during each and every quarter of each and every game, and will have a direct impact on the prize money distribution for those teams that do not reach the finals. The team that wins the game is, of course, the recognised winner.

Shanahan is looking forward to the event contributing some excitement to the current Australian basketball landscape.

“I think the Foot Locker Elite Classic – High Stakes Hoops event is great, an innovative idea that will be exciting for both players and fans,” Shanahan said.

“It will help bring basketball back to its glory days and at the same time showcase talent in an entirely new way.”

See the Shanahan-coached Rays on One HD at 4pm on Tuesday, April 6, 4pm on Wednesday and on Thursday at 5pm.

For more information on the event, go to

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