Letter to the Editor - December 17: A monstrosity will result

METASITE is a company contracted by Optus to build a 45-metre tower adjacent to the highway at 9 Gaudrons Rd at Sapphire.

This decision was communicated with only 15 days' notice for objections and to only three residents of this area. No community consultation has been undertaken. Metasite says this is not required as Optus does not require either planning permission from local councils for such installations or community consultation.

We do not want to share our homes with this monstrosity which will reach up well beyond the current tree line. Coffs Harbour may in future not be known for the Big Banana on the highway but for the Big Optus Tower on the highway.

A very broad range of the local community has come together to object to this with political and media support. Another objection voiced is that evidence demonstrates that such towers devalue residential properties in the vicinity by up to 15%. There are many non-residential sites in Coffs Harbour that would be suitable alternatives.

As one of our local politicians voiced at our last public meeting, reading the Optus environmental impact documentation (by referencing a website) is broadly unintelligible. This brings us to a great concern about the adverse health effects of such towers. Each agency building such a tower cites that their radiation emissions are within a safe range but there is no information regarding the cumulative effect of many towers and Gaudrons Rd already has three. How many are too many?

At Sunday's public meeting residents with Optus services have no complaint about the current reception.

Does anyone know why this tower is necessary and necessary in a residential area?


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