Two hole-in-ones defy odds

Todd Blewitt from Coffs Coast Mercedes Benz congratulates Peter Ramstadius and Peter Mackay on their hole-in-ones.
Todd Blewitt from Coffs Coast Mercedes Benz congratulates Peter Ramstadius and Peter Mackay on their hole-in-ones. Bruce Thomas

THERE’S going to be a mad scramble for golf cart number 22 this weekend during the opening rounds of Coffs Harbour Golf Club’s Festival of Golf.

On Saturday long-time members Peter Mackay and Peter Ramstadius proved that this is the luckiest cart at the club when they shared it and both managed to record their first hole-in-ones after many years of trying.

Playing on the West lakes course at Coffs Harbour, Mackay got the ball rolling with his ace on the 22nd hole and then a couple of hours later his cart-buddy Ramstadius equalled the feat with his shot on the third hole.

It wasn’t just the golf cart that they were sharing.

The pair was quick to point out that there were a number of coincidences about their glorious day to make it truly unique.

Both players were wearing green shirts, both played their shots to flags at the front of the green, both have the same first name, both scored their ace using an 8-iron and the pair were quick to point out that they were both drinking Hahn 3.5 per cent beers at the time.

The odds of such an event occurring is just shy of 10,000,000 to 1.

Ramstadius actually crunched plenty of numbers and worked out that with all the other coincidences in play on the day, the odds of such an occurrence was more like 1 in 5 thousand, million, million.

“I was excited when I got mine in but when ’Rammy’ got his in as well it was unbelievable,” Mackay said.

“I was gobsmacked, when it went in I thought you can’t have two.

“You should’ve seen the look on the faces of the other guys in our group after the second one went in, especially when they knew there was only one par-3 left for them to get one.”

Mackay has been playing golf for 43 years while Ramstadius has been swinging a club for 38 years.

The pair admitted that they had moments thinking the day would never come.

“My call not that long ago was that I was going to go through my golf career without getting one,” Mackay admitted.

“I thought everyone else would do it but not me.

“That’s what you play golf for though, to hit that perfect shot.”

While Ramstadius proudly showed off the ball that he scored his ace with, Mackay wasn’t able to do the same.

Instead of putting the magic ball aside, Mackay continued playing with his ball and lost it two holes later when he hit it out of bounds somewhere along Hogbin Drive.

He didn’t go home empty handed though.

Todd Blewitt from Coffs Coast Mercedes Benz has started up a Hole-In-One Club and quickly presented both players with a commemorative shirt and will also be footing the bill for a dinner at the end of the year for all of the players who have scored an ace at Coffs Harbour this year.

The pair will gladly take the free feed as well as the memories of a day that easily defied the odds.