Sarah and Paul at Coffs Races
Sarah and Paul at Coffs Races Wendy Andrews

A guidebook for cancer

THE pages of Paul Geoffrey Brazenor's book tell it like it is.

"You have non-Hodgkin's lymphoma,” said the doctor.

After a gasp I said, 'What's the prognosis?'

"A 50per cent chance of surviving five years.... oh no, that's Hodgkin's lymphoma; non-Hodgkin's is worse than that.”

paul Wendy Andrews

I telephoned my three kids and Sarah called her mum. After some tears and dismay at both ends of the lines, Sarah and I started to recognise the need to fight this thing.”

Final farewell
Final farewell Wendy Andrews

Paul Geoffrey Brazenor went on a "remission mission”. Like all people with cancer, Paul was prescribed conventional medicine. With his love of life and positive attitude, he cast a wider net in the search for a remedy. This included natural therapies through naturopathy, kinesiology, nutrition, exercise, meditation and several others.

Remission Mission, published by his family after his death, is Paul's story. It is typical of the man that he would wish to convey his experiences to others who have the disease of cancer and how taking on a positive attitude allowed him to live in remission.

Conquering the Great Wall of China
Conquering the Great Wall of China Wendy Andrews

A tribute by Sarah Brazenor gives an insight into the man and his remarkable journey.

"Paul was a person of many dimensions: immensely charming; gifted and intelligent; a highly attractive person in every sense but especially because of the warmth he radiated as someone who was always genuinely interested in other people; active as a talented sportsman, traveller, writer and a man who 'lived life'.

"That life delivered many wonderful things for Paul and his loved ones. Cruelly, it also presented Paul with an illness that eventually took his life. But he didn't succumb easily to the combination of cancers he had contracted.

"He fought the scourge physically and mentally with all his resources for a decade - many years beyond the early prognosis - and enjoyed a fulfilling life in the process.

"Born in 1947, Paul was the youngest of three brothers, growing up in Sydney and country Victoria and moving back to Sydney, where he completed his secondary and tertiary education in economics and accounting. Sponsored by his Commonwealth Bank employer, Paul became one of the first Australians to complete an MBA.

Cancer Warrior - Paul Geoffrey Brazenor
Cancer Warrior - Paul Geoffrey Brazenor Wendy Andrews

"Fated for a top-level banking career, Paul elected to strike out on a different path, becoming a senior partner in an advisory company and a company director.

"Paul married for the first time before the age of 20, fathering four beautiful children and later becoming a much-loved 'Grumpy' to his grandchildren. They moved together to their subtropical haven near Coffs Harbour, where they engaged with their local community, pursued an ambitious fitness and sports agenda, and travelled widely.

"It was also the base from which Paul fought his battle with lymphoma, commencing December 2005 and ending with Paul's passing in May 2015. It was a valiant struggle. He was an extraordinary person who has left many wonderful legacies, including this practical but also touching holistic approach of how to deal with cancer.”


"Paul was a 'Cancer Warrior' and took every opportunity to research, assess and trial the value of what he has written for you. This is a practical book full of clear advice, reminders and signposts of how to do the best for yourself.

The 'Cancer Journey' is confusing at the best of times and this book will help you to be a lot clearer in what you can do yourself. Above all, be actively involved and take control of your treatment.”

Dr Andrew Heslop, MB BS, FRACGP, FACNEM

Order the book at: remission (ebook $19.95 or paperback $29.95 plus postage/handling).

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