Editorial - December 17: A foul deed fills us with sadness

AS I WRITE this it's yet another glorious Coffs Coast morning, but within our small newsroom there is a quietness which is at odds with a usually jovial and noisy atmosphere.

Like so many we are shellshocked and numbed by the events which unfolded in Martin Place, our thoughts scrambled by what we need to do to meet the approaching print deadline and an overpowering sense of utter disbelief.

Out hearts, like yours, are with the poor souls whose time has been cut so callously short, as well as with their families and friends and the police who put their lives on the line.

We, too, are trying to make sense of it all.

That this was not a terrorist act but the foul deed of an evil man should give us some comfort, as should the outpouring of support for the Muslim community he was estranged from.

They already carry a burden we should not add to.

Instead this must be a time for us to all do our bit to build stronger, more inclusive communities, to reach out and comfort those around us and to reinforce the values which make us proudly Australian.

What happened in Sydney is tragic, but we must not let the actions of one man rob us of our hopes for a brighter future.

Graeme Singleton,

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Last shout-out to Coffs kids

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