Heartfelt plea after horror smash

FAMILY members of the young driver involved in this horrific smash in the Orara Valley have urged other P-platers to make a mental note of the accident scene.

The 22-year-old, the sole occupant of the Mitsubishi Lancer, was heavily concussed after the vehicle left the roadway in wet conditions and crashed into two trees on Tuesday night at 8.50pm.

Police said speed is believed to have been a factor in the single vehicle accident. “He is just so lucky, had the crash happened a metre or so further down the road and it would have been curtains for him.

We are just so lucky he survived,” the young driver's step grandfather Mark Downie said.

“Apart from the car nothing was broken, but he had a bad concussion and spent the night in hospital.

After the sedan struck the trees it spun and came to rest precariously over a table drain, off the Upper Orara Rd, 1.5km from the Karangi Store.

A passing off-duty nurse was the first on scene.

She assisted the young driver and stayed with him until family members and ambulance officers arrived.

“He has been on that road since he was five-years-old, he knew it well, but to me this accident was caused by complacency, he wasn't driving to the conditions. It is what it is,” Mr Downie said. 

“He was in a late model car with brand new tyres, so it serves as a warning that these young blokes just need to slow down.

“As I told my daughter, who is an L-plater, sure he has escaped serious injury, but the story doesn't end there, he's smashed his car, could be charged, now has to sort out the insurance as well as finding ways to get to and from work.

“There's no question about it he'll be out of pocket, paying off something he doesn't have anymore.

By the end of this he'll hopefully have learnt a big lesson.“I want other young drivers to realise this and slow down and drive to the conditions.”

The family expressed their sincere thanks to the nurse, who stopped and assisted and nearby residents who called to inform them of the accident.

“I've lost two mates to car accidents in my lifetime, and the young fella has already lost a good mate on the roads early in his life.

“He has been extremely lucky and we just hope others see this and drive to the conditions when they're behind the wheel,” he said.


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