Schoolies for Schooling
Schoolies for Schooling

A Do Good story about 2 teenagers & schoolies

As the HSC is just over for most year 12 students the main light at the end of the tunnel is that when it is all over they get to celebrate at Schoolies.

This is usually associated with teenagers making bad choices in sunny locations - hardly ever is it linked to walking over 700kms to raise money to build a school in Timor Leste!

Well that is what Alexi Piovano & Adam Hegedus - Year 12 students from Waverley College are planning to do.

They had visited Timor Leste last year as part of an immersion programme with the school and it left an impression on them. S

o much so that they decided to do something about it and are walking to their schoolies in Byron Bay as a way of raising money to finish building a school in Timor Leste.

I think this is a great initiative and a real inspiration for other teenagers and it would be great for companies to be involved with such a positive initiative and to hear about it and help the boys out with their cause.

The boys arrived in PORT MACQUARIE having walked already close to 400kms and raised close to $11 500!

It would be ideal to publish their story and show some positive light on giving and schoolies.

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