Some of Coffs Harbour’s paramedics.
Some of Coffs Harbour’s paramedics. Trevor Veale

Thank a Paramedic Day

THEY are the difference between life and death every day, answering a call for help every 28 seconds in NSW.

But far too often the role Ambulance Service paramedics play is taken for granted in the panic of an emergency.

In a bid to address this lack of recognition, the Ambulance Service of NSW has coordinated Thank a Paramedic Day where grateful patients and their families can show their appreciation.

Whether it’s a letter, a phone call, a handshake or a batch of homemade scones, today is the day where the public say thank.

“It’s a great initiative to give paramedics the recognition they deserve,” Coffs Harbour intensive care paramedic Martin Wells said.

“Quite often it’s a thankless job, it can be traumatic, tiring and can be emotionally draining, but the simple gesture of someone saying thank you always lifts the spirits and boosts morale.

“We are always touched when a patient thanks us for the job we do.”

Coffs Harbour Ambulance crews respond to 40 callouts a day or an average of 1200 jobs a month.

To say thank you, phone the Coffs Harbour Ambulance Station on 6652 2350.

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