Police use capsicum spray on driver

A ROUTINE traffic stop in Coffs Harbour escalated when police discharged capsicum spray to subdue a driver.

The dramatic events unfolded in Bray Street at 12.40am today when highway patrol police tried to pull over an eastbound Holden Commodore during a breath-testing operation.

Instead of complying with police the driver fled and sparked a pursuit.

The officers chased him into nearby Frederick Street and then into Kurrajong Street where the pursuit was terminated.

They were attempting to arrest the driver, a 30-year-old man, when a group of people from a nearby house intervened in the proceedings.

They allegedly threatened the police as they were discharging their duties and the driver broke free during the fracas.

He allegedly lunged at the officers and was hit with a burst of capsicum spray. However, he managed to run from the scene.

A woman, 25, has subsequently been charged with hindering police after she allegedly menaced them with a beer bottle.

Investigators say once they catch the errant driver he will be charged with traffic offences, assault and escaping lawful custody.

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Rain plays havoc with traffic

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Last shout-out to Coffs kids

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