Easter drivers won't listen to speed limit pleas

MOTORISTS continue to ignore police pleas for them to stick to the road rules over Easter.

Australia's long weekend road toll sits at three with deaths in NSW, WA and the NT since Thursday.

More than 7200 Queensland drivers and riders have been nabbed speeding over the past few days.

Some of the worst offenders were found travelling at more than double the 80kmh speed limit in two key Brisbane tunnels.

One car sped through the Legacy Way Tunnel at 168kmh and another hit 161kmh in the Airport Link Tunnel.

Queensland Police have also charged 214 drunk drivers and 139 drug drivers. Across the state, 6119 fines were issued since the road safety campaign kicked off at midnight on Thursday.

In NSW, 4124 road users were nabbed over the speed limit.

One driver hit 134kmh in a 70kmh zone near Woodpark in NSW.

The 19-year-old Abbotsbury man was fined $2306 and his licence was suspended for six months.

Officers in NSW caught 144 drink-drivers over the long weekend.

Australian Regional Media, publisher of this newspaper, is working with the Queensland Government to reduce speed-related crashes on our roads through safe driving.

The campaign focuses on increasing awareness of the risks associated with low-level speeding - up to 10kmh over the speed limit.


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