Bravery award for bank manager who stared down armed robber

NOT too many people would put their own safety at risk in order to protect others from an armed bank robber - especially when the robber was carrying a handgun and explosives.

Dalby bank manager Brendan Winter went to the rescue of staff and customers during an attempted armed hold-up at a bank on December 14, 2010.

A man dressed in an Australia Post jacket walked into a bank at 3.30pm armed with what appeared to be a firearm and a box containing an explosive device.

There were six staff members and a woman with a baby and a child in the bank at the time.

The bank staff secured the woman and children in the rear office and contacted police.

Mr Winter, for his actions, was awarded a bronze medal at the Royal Humane Society of Australasia bravery award ceremony on Tuesday at Brisbane City Hall.

Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk was told Mr Winter engaged in conversation with the man and asked if he could lock the doors to prevent interruptions.

In doing so he prevented another customer from entering the bank.

He then went back to ask the offender if he would allow the woman and her two children to leave while motioning them towards the door.

The man was arrested a short time later after becoming isolated between the bank counter and front doors.

Cr Quirk said all bravery award recipients had gone above and beyond when faced with potentially a life defining situation.

"Often the split second decision recipients made ultimately put their lives on the line," he said.

"They all stepped up to the plate.

"Each of them has become a role model for other to look up to."

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