It wasn't just the kids who feasted on chocolate yesterday.
It wasn't just the kids who feasted on chocolate yesterday. Lou Waters

7 ways to tell if you ate too much chocolate this Easter

WHEN you start the day with chocolate eggs for breakfast, there is really no hope.

Easter Sunday is a day most people spend with family and friends, either on holiday or relaxing at home - however you choose to spend the day one thing is certain, there will be chocolate.

Here's how to tell if you've had too much chocolate this Easter:

1. You reach for the remote and make a 'huuuuuh!' noise as you do it. That's because you're using muscles that you're not used to using, all due to the fact that you're full of chocolate and you feel like a fatty boom bah.

2. You go for a drive and see a rabbit running alongside the road. All of a sudden you're hungry.

3. You went to Coles, Kmart or Big W today in the hope of stocking up on half price Crème Eggs while wondering how long they will keep if you freeze them. Don't worry, we've all been there, and the answer is: FOREVEERRRRR!!!

4. You thought about going to the gym when you got up this morning, but decided instead to have just one more piece of chocolate. Then another. This means you are in true #EasterMode and will be paying for it at the end of the week on the scales.

5. Last week you could see your toes while standing up straight then looking down. Are they still there? If you have to think about that answer, you ate too much chocolate.  

6. For a holiday treat you put on the Willy Wonka DVD with Gene Wilder. Not only do you feel like Augustus Gloop from the very start, but you get a little bit peckish at the scene when he attempts to drink the river of chocolate. PS - he's a greedy nincompoop.

7. You take a look at the basket that you put all your eggs in yesterday morning. It's empty. *facepalm*

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