Stop flushing money down toilet

WITH the recent introduction of a $200 rebate from the NSW Government for replacing a single flush toilet with a dual flush toilet, Coffs Harbour Water is reminding residents that its own long-running rebate for improving the water efficiency of your toilet is still available to eligible households.

“This means that Coffs Harbour City Council residents connected to town water can now claim two rebates to the value of $230 towards putting in a new toilet, which is going to save them a lot of money off their water bills,” said Cr Denise Knight, chair of council’s city services committee.

“So saving water actually helps you save money, too.”

Coffs Harbour Water first launched its dual flush rebate of $30 for residents back in 1994. Since then, more than 2400 old single flush toilets have been replaced with more efficient dual flush models and the water saved by our community is estimated to be around 105 million litres.

An average household can save around 30,000 litres of water every year just by getting rid of a single flush toilet and replacing it with a dual flush model. The Coffs Harbour Water dual flush toilet rebate program allows up to two dual flush toilet rebates per property.

There is a $60 rebate maximum and only residential properties are eligible. To qualify, residents must also be connected to town water; be replacing an existing single flush toilet, have a licensed plumber undertake the retrofitting work and declare that the toilet replaced was a single flush toilet on his tax invoice.

Information is available by calling the Water Efficiency Technical Officer on 6648 4428.

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