200 applications, 3 interviews, 0 jobs

LETTER OF THE DAY: My husband and I relocated to Toowoomba late last year to be closer to family after his previous employment contract ended.

And this was certainly our choice to do so, but not for one minute did we ever think that he would still be unemployed at this time.

After applying for well in excess of 200 jobs, being registered with three different employment agencies, handing out numerous resumes and registering online with major companies, this has resulted in only three interviews.

In this time of being on the books not one phone call, email or request for an interview or any such thing. Also very disappointing is the government agency he is required to be registered with.

Appointments every fortnight amount to dropping in and advising them what you are up to in your job seeking efforts but never any interviews arranged with employers.


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Regarding job applications we certainly don't expect a response to every application applied for and with many of these being online applications you are hard pressed to know who the jobs are actually with, but when you get an interview it is disappointing when most don't even bother to contact you with the outcome.

If the boot were on the other foot they would expect better. It is disappointing when he is still waiting for a reply from one high-profile company.

Not everyone out there wants to sit at home on their backsides. It is very disheartening and frustrating when you genuinely want work.

Maybe it is his age of 57 which is a detriment to employment. But he certainly can work and isn't afraid of hard work. It would be nice to be given a chance

I do agree with WP on one thing and that is the number of workers being allowed into the country on 457 visas and the like taking the jobs from genuine job seekers. Surely with quite high unemployment it is morally unjust to allow this practice.

  • LINDA THOMSEN, Highfields

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