Shed Party Go Fund Me page.
Shed Party Go Fund Me page. Go Fund Me

14 weird and wonderful Mackay Go Fund Me's

THERE are a number of worthwhile Mackay Go Fund Me pages circulating online right now, from charity fund-raisers and cancer fighters to families recovering from Cyclone Debbie.

While some are hard hitting, heart tugging causes, others are a little out of the park.

Here is a list of the 14 weirdest and most wonderful Go Fund Me pages that you can donate to now.

1. Kendall's Pacemaker

Mother-of-two, Kendall, is in desperate need of a pacemaker due to complications sustained during her first pregnancy.

The pacemaker will "allow her to enjoy her young family the way a mother wants to without being exhausted all the time,” the Go Fund Me page reads.

The young family needs help to raise funds for the associated medical costs and is aiming to achieve $5000; so far they have raised $4000.

Kendall's Pacemaker Go Fund Me page.
Kendall's Pacemaker Go Fund Me page. Go Fund Me

2. A Hat

A Go Fund Me has been set up by a user named 'Jay Cal' to raise $50 for a hat.

He wrote, "it is essential for children to be able to go outside and play, but how can they do that without a hat,” on the Go Fund Me page.

No money has so far been raised for Jay's goal of buying a hat.

'Get a hat' Go Fund Me page.
'Get a hat' Go Fund Me page. Go Fund Me

3. Ron Ryan's Medical Expenses

On March 5, friends of Mackay's Ron Ryan started a Go Fund Me Page to help raise money for surgery and accommodation for his three children.

Mr Ryan was involved in an accident on his birthday in early March and sustained severe injuries to his leg.

He was airlifted to Brisbane for surgery to pin his leg as well as follow up treatments and plastic surgery.

The single father owns his own yard care business and has been unable to see his children while in Brisbane.

The page set a target of $5000 and has so far managed to raise $1800.

His friends encouraged any donations stating, "anybody that knows Ron, knows that he is the first to offer help or to pitch in as the situation requires.”

"This is why it is now so important to us to return the favour and pass the hat around to help him on his road to recovery,” the post read.

"Whilst his family is pulling together to look after his children and keep his business running, his recovery will be long and painful.

"We have set a $5000 goal to help with Ron's medical expenses, with any extra going towards flying and accommodating his three young children to visit him in Brisbane, you don't need to donate much but anything will help.”

Ron Ryan's Medical Expenses Go Fund Me page.
Ron Ryan's Medical Expenses Go Fund Me page. Go Fund Me

4. Taekwon-do World Championships

Mackay girl, Nik, is a Taekwon-do student who was chosen to partake in the ITF Taekwon-do World Championships in Argentina in August of this year.

She is aiming to raise some money to cover costs of the trip including: uniform, flights, accommodation and other training expenses.

Nik began Taekwon-do when she was just ten years old, attending classes every Monday and Wednesday night.

She quickly moved through the ranks and is now a black belt and about to go for her second degree in the sport.

Nik set up the page in April and has managed to raise a small amount of her $7000 goal; she still has a bit to go to get to Argentina by August.

5. Weed

A Go Fund Me page was set up by a local Mackay man in order to help his smoking habit.

He asked for donations to allow him to purchase marijuana and set a goal of $420.

The post read, "am low on money and need to smoke, cheers”.

He has not had any luck yet in raising any funds for his cause.

The man said the page was made "as a joke” and therefore his name has not been included.

Marijuana habit Go Fund Me page.
Marijuana habit Go Fund Me page. Go Fund Me

6. Marc's Recovery

On the May 22, 2016 a Finch Hatton man, Marc, was involved in a serious car accident while coming down the Eungella Range.

He sustained life threatening injuries and was placed in an induced coma for several weeks.

Marc spent the first two days in Mackay Base Hospital before being flown to Cairns Hospital for specialist care and multiple surgeries.

In late July, Marc was flown back to Mackay Base Hospital where he is still undergoing intensive rehabilitation to hopefully one day walk again.

Kristy Venz started the fund and said, "although he is back in Mackay he has a long road ahead of him with his recovery and further surgeries”.

"Once he is able to leave hospital he will require a number of medical aids, medications, renovations etcetera to allow him to return home.

"Marc's a great bloke who has always helped anyone in need and now he needs a little help, so let's show him our support and help him with his recovery.”

So far Marc's cause has managed to raise $2890 of its $10, 000 goal.

Marc's Recovery Go Fund Me page.
Marc's Recovery Go Fund Me page. Go Fund Me

7. "Needa fly a lad up for a shed party”

Some friends have put out an obscure request to the public, to help fly their mate up to Mackay for their annual 'shed party'.

"Hey guys, stuck in a classic situation, the boys are having a get together at a mates shed right, it's basically an annual reunion,” the page says.

"Anyway, one of the boys, can't make it due to a lack of coin.

"Just seeking some help to finally get all the lads together.”

Mitch Gilchrist began the Go Fund Me page on June 2 with a target of $500.

Three days in and the cause hasn't managed to gain any traction just yet.

8. Delilah and her Puppies

Antonia Kersting is raising money to help her dog Delilah and her new puppies that will be born in the coming weeks.

Delilah was found by Ms Kersting, after she almost hit her with her car in the dark when she ran out from a cane field.

After seeing Delilah and noticing she was underweight, scared and heavily pregnant, Ms Kersting decided to take her under her wing.

"Even though all possible efforts have been made to find her owner, no one has come forward yet.” Ms Kersting wrote on the Go Fund Me page.

"With shelters being overfilled and giving her to the pound not being an option, I have chosen to take care of Delilah and her puppies until her owner is found or she can be re-homed.

"Any donations made to this fund will go towards feeding and housing Delilah as well as ensuring that any medical procedures required can be covered.

"If any money remains after covering these expenses, it will be used to worm, vaccinate and microchip her puppies.”

Ms Kersting began the page in March and has so far managed to raise $369 of her $400 goal to help Delilah.

Delilah and her puppies Go Fund Me page.
Delilah and her puppies Go Fund Me page. Go Fund Me

9. Boat for the Boys

Israel Vogiatzis and his friends are hoping to get their boat, currently located in Mackay, back to its "former glory”.

Mr Vogiatzis said he is currently re-powering and re-fitting the interior of the vessel, and needs come cash to help him finish the job.

"Anyone who donates money towards our venture is entitled to come out for a free trip when she is done,” he wrote on the page.

"Help spread the word!”

The fund has a goal of $25 000 but it yet to raise any money.

Boat for the boys Go Fund Me page.
Boat for the boys Go Fund Me page. Go Fund Me

10. Fidget Spinners

One Mackay resident has taken the new fidget spinner fad to the next level.

On May 29, Go Fund Me user Jack Sparrow set out to fund-raise $69 to buy himself new fidget spinners.

He doesn't detail much in his description but is clear and straight to the point.

"Need fidget spinners,” he wrote 92 times.

So far he has not managed to raise any money to buy more of the gadget.

Fidget Spinners Go Fund Me page.
Fidget Spinners Go Fund Me page. Go Fund Me

11. Flying to the moon

Matt McGruer said he was trying to prove a point with his Go Fund Me page, named 'Flying to the moon'.

He set his goal at $16 million and is yet to earn a cent.

12. Luke's Family

Father-of-two and husband, Luke, was involved in a motorbike accident on May 27 and was sent to Townsville hospital where he currently remains in ICU.

He is in a coma with his friends and family by his side, day and night.

Luke's wife Mel set up the Go Fund Me page in a bid to raise some money to assist them with all medical costs while they are both away from work.

On the page Mel wrote, "Luke is the funniest, cheekiest, most loveable person you could ever meet.”

"He would do anything to help out those that he loves, now it's time to return the favour.

"If you can spare even a few dollars, I know the family would be so appreciative. If you can't, please just spare a few prayers that he wakes up soon and is still the same Bucko that we all know and love.”

So far the family has managed to raise $4270 of their $20, 000 goal.

Luke's Family Go Fund Me page.
Luke's Family Go Fund Me page. Go Fund Me

13. 'I'm Broke'

Nicole Kay has set herself up a Go Fund Me page because she's 'broke and needing help'.

She set up the page on March 12 and set a goal of $4000.

She hasn't received any donations to date.

14. Magpies United Rugby team

Magpies United Indigenous Rugby League are aiming to nominate three teams in varied divisions this year.

They have three teams raising money for different causes in the hope to get their teams nominated and also raise awareness for their chosen worthy cause.

The 17s girls will be wearing teal in support of ovarian cancer throughout the season, the 17 boys will be wearing yellow in support of suicide prevention while the open men's will be sporting light blue in support of prostate cancer research and prevention.

The team has a $7000 goal and are still looking for donations.

To donate to any of the causes above visit:

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