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Damian Bathersby

Claire de Lune owner of The Factory nightclub, Maroochydore, puts her point across that the local area is a safe place to be out. Photo Patrick Woods / Sunshine Coast Daily

SOAPBOX: Where's your class Factory nightclub?

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had to close your venue but please stop blaming cheap drinks at other venues.

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Claired62468 - Mooloolaba

Hi Damian, thank you for your opinion. It's great to be aware of people's honest opinions as a chance to improve and learn. This particular venue was extremely large, had very high overheads and needed to be busy at all times to succeed. Unfortunately...

Sami Muirhead

OPINION: Narcissists and fit conscious sorted

SO WHAT are all big kids playing with after Christmas when it comes to their toys?

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Beleaf - City Delivery Centre

My little niece whom is 7 takes lovely selfies, some of her aunts from her mums side are teenagers, so she learns and copies, a few good things have come from this: 1. She has learnt to use a (mobile ph) camera so well that for her birthday I will...

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Brevity is your key word at present. Don’t ramble on if you have a point to make. Silence will make a much greater impact. You are...

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