23 January





Mostly sunny

5% chance of rain


24 January






30% chance of rain


25 January





Possible thunderstorm

70% chance of rain


26 January






80% chance of rain

TOTALLY HOOKED: Catching crustaceans lots of fun

WITH the days getting longer and warmer, a lot of people start chasing their favourite crustaceans.

OUR SAY: Why wait for life jacket trial to end?

$20 a small price to pay for greater fishing safety

Top weather attracts fishos as many spots in Bay fire up

NICE ONE: Jack hooked this solid golden trevally, caught on a charter with Hervey Bay Fly and Sportfishing.

All parts of the Bay have something happening

Sustainable fishing on agenda in new initiative

FUTURE: Fishing forums will educate anglers about sustainable fishing practices.

Sustainable fishing on agenda in new initiative

Metre long beauty wins Fish of the Week

The Advocate's Fish of the Week competition

Targeting a better year in 2017

GOOD CATCH: Mark Kallman's blue-bar parrotfish.

COFFS Harbour Bluewater Freedivers revisits 2016

Column returns in time for spearfishing season

COMING UP: News is there have been good mackerel captures from Tweed, promising a good season in Coffs.

Column returns in time for spearfishing season

'It was scary': fisherman reels in a shark

Cameron Bennett caught two sharks at Evans Head on Thursday.

Tale to tell after toothy catch hooked at popular fishing spot

Classic catches in Fish of the Week

FISH OF THE WEEK: Fishing near the South Solitary Island with a couple of mates Steven Moss and Jeff Cuneo, Tony Cleary caught his first Spanish Mackerel. Tony said it weighed 34kg and was 175cm long. It was caught on Sunday on a slimy mackerel on 10kg line.

Advocate's Fish of the Week, courtesy of BrightEyes Coffs Harbour

Bluewater trophy catches

CRACKER CATCH: Sam French is the Fish of the Week winner with this blue marlin he landed on the shelf and released in healthy condition. See video at

Big marlin are being caught, tagged and released off Coffs.

Caravanning on the coast better than Bali?

Caravan and camping holidays in NSW continue to grow in popularity, with a massive 26% increase in the number of holiday nights taken in 2016.

Boy's kayak stolen just days before Christmas

MISSING: Richard's first and only photo in his kayak.

Boy's kayak stolen just before Christmas

Lynette Daley's accused killers plead not guilty

Two men face charges over the death of Lynette Daley (pictured).

Two men plead not guilty over camping trip death of Maclean woman

Camp cooking pasta with Roothy's LowRange crew

Roothy's cooking - it's enough to bowl you over.

Roothy's camp cooked lamb secrets

Roothy ready to get cooking on the campfire

John Rooth lets you in on some tasty tricks.

Roothy vs rissoles

John Rooth and the boys check out camp-cooked rhino rissoles and offer a challenge...

Adventures in Lorella Springs

Get way off the beaten track and discover the Lorella Springs Wilderness Park in...